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Analysis of the recent situation of Chinese wine industry by Summer 2006-7-31   

In the middle of this month, Wang Yancai, the director of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association, first released the data to the media, which compared the year between 2000 and 2005 of the wine industry. The data showed that the occupied ratio of market was 51.49% high, which were the top four brands (Chang yu, Weilong, Dynasty, Great wall). But, the beer and the spirit only took up 30.3% and 23.7%. It was illustrated that wine industry was not only the fast growing industry, but also the most concentrated. The output of it was 201.9 million liters in 2000, and doubled in 2005.In 2000, the industry assets was 7.06 billion in total with the increase of 96% in 2005.The sales income increased 140%, and the profit revenue was changed from 400 million to 12.6 billion up to 212.5%.

In recent years, China's wine industry presented a rapid development trend. The several large-sized enterprises expanded gradually, and began to plan the international tactics. Owing to the decreased tariff, large quantities of foreign wines entered the Chinese market. But, it was still difficult for them to shake the status of the top four brands of China in a short time.