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New Sale Point for Real Estate in Wuhan, China


Wine clubhouse of East lake block is the only one that own wine cellar in Wu han, capital city of Hu bei Province. This wine clubhouse is full filled with rich wine flavor. It contains French original vintage and brewing tools, even the inner decoration and furniture are displaying the wine culture to the visitors. The honor leader He Renbo (the previous Consul of French Consulate in Wuhan) explained to us that he witnessed and was involved in the whole process of design and building this wine clubhouse. He also said that the underground of this clubhouse has public wine cellar and private wine cellar. This wine clubhouse not only could satisfy the block residents who are the wine lovers, but also bring the wine culture to the residents who are not familiar with wine and wine culture. The private cellar is first appears in Wuhan, which will attract the wine enthusiasts and will be the good sell point for this real estate. The luxury real estate block contain many wine lovers and the potential customers, they have the purchase ability to purchase high-end wine, and also consider knowing wine culture and drink good wine could show their social status. The wine clubhouse is a good platform to touch the high-end customer closely. It could be a new sale channel for wine in China.

Although the wine clubhouses within blocks are very few in China, for the same targeting customers, real estate and wine businessman will realize it could benefit both. Through wine cellar in blocks to sell wine will be a new promotion model in China.