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Wine marketing is too high to be popular 

Wine is always regarded as a romantic drink and connected with bars and banquets. These results were related to the wine marketing.

Wine consumption appeals to be popular
Most wines are publicized in high-end brand way, and the price is much higher than common beer and spirit. So, the common people are not used to drinking wine.
Wine is a healthy drink that contains many nutrition elements, which is worthy to be publicized. Judging from the current situation, wine had been not established the consumption market in a popular style.

The culture of wine brand asks for common
Now, many wine enterprises just followed suit by the foreign brand rather than form the personality and trait of their own. That is far from common people.
Wine enterprises should realize that common people are the largest customers for them to capture. Culture is the first for wine to enter the common people¡¯s dining table. If wine publicization always pursues romance, it will be more difficult for them to be popular. The brand of wine is not only strived to be an integration of west and east, but also to combine the common people¡¯s culture.

Customers lack wine knowledge
Many enterprises use so professional words to publicize their products that many customers don¡¯t know what are the dry red wines and dry white wines. Even worse, customers don¡¯t know how to choose wines and enjoy them. So, wine marketing needs to be more common and popular. That is the urgent thing for domestic wine enterprises.

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