2007 Participating Information



  (1) Date & Venue:

  • Date: April 16th - 18th, 2007

  • Venue: China World Trade Center, Beijing

                      ( No.1 Jian Guo Men Wai Street, Changyang District, Beijing)


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  The introduction of the venue:

 The favorable position of China World Trade Center

  China World Trade Center occupies a prime location in the heart of Beijing's Central  

  Business District. Standing at the junction of No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing's 

  main business thoroughfare, and the East Third Ring Road, a major urban transit 

  corridor, the complex is a mere 20-minute drive away from Capital International 

  Airport. With direct links to the Guomao fly-over, the subway and public transport 

  along East Chang An Avenue, China World Trade Center is easily reached from all 

  directions. It is strategically located at the Central Business District designated by the 

  Beijing Municipal Master Plan. China World Trade Center has become a showcase for 

  China’s reform and opening and is widely reputed as "The Place Where China Meets 

  The World".

  China World Trade Center is very near Tian An Men Square which is China’s biggest 

  and authoritative square. Some famous 4-star and 5-star hotels, restaurants and 

  superior business office buildings are near China World Trade Center, and nearly each 

  countries’ embassies and some famous bars are near China World Trade Center, and 

  even the branches of some 500 world’s biggest enterprises are near China World 

  Trade Center.


 (2) Scope of Exhibits:

  • Wine of different regions and varieties;

  • Things or articles relating with wine culture, for example, photos, sculpture, pictures, medals, old oak barrels, books, pattern of chateau and so on.

  (3) Related Activities:

  • Release of Wine Culture

  • Tour of Wine Chateau

  • Wine Marketing Forum in China

  • Wine Tasting and Presentation Meeting

  • Survey of China’s Wine Market

  (4) Space Rental:            Download the Application Form:   

   A) Raw space rental (minimum 9 square meters)

  • 1 side open (min 9 sq.m.)         Euro 200 per sq.m.

  • 2 sides open (min 12 sq.m.)       Euro 220 per sq.m.

  • 3 sides open (from 18 sq.m. to 54sq.m.)    Euro 250 per sq.m.

  • 4 sides open (from 36sq.m. to 72 sq.m.)    Euro 280 per sq.m.

  • 3 or 4 sides open (73 sq.m. or more)       Euro 230 per sq.m.

     B) Stand equipment (not inclusive of raw space rental cost) 

      (see details on annex 1)

  • Basic Standard Package (minimum: 9 sq.m.):     Euro 35 per sq.m.

  • Senior Standard Package (minimum: 9 sq.m.):    Euro 70 per sq.m.

  • Luxury Standard Package (minimum: 12 sq.m.):   Euro 85 per sq.m.

   C) Additional Fee

  • Cleaning Fee:  EURO 20 per sqm.  (Cup, Water and other instrument)


  • Bookings confirmed prior to November 31st, 2006 will be granted 10% discount of the raw space rental cost or one half 4C page of the official catalogue (the price of half page 4C is EURO 500) for free;

  • If you need special design and decoration of your space or standard booth, please directly contact us.

    (5) Advertisement Opportunity


    1)    Official CCatalogue (the size of 210mm x 285mm)

  • Half 4C page  (the size of 210 mm x 140mm)        EURO 500

  • Full 4C page  (the size of 210mm x 285 mm)        EURO 1000

  • Cover 4C page  ( the size of 210 mm x 140mm)     EURO 2500

  • Inside front cover  (the size of 210mm x 285mm)    EURO 1800

  • 1st right hand page  (the size of 210mm x 285mm)   EURO 1900

  • Inside back cover  (the size of 210mm x 285mm)      EURO 1500

  • Outside back cover  (the size of 210mm x 285mm)     EURO 2200

   2)    Ticket and Information Bag

  • Back Cover of Ticket (210mm x 95mm)   EURO 1000 per 20000 tickets (the total of tickets, 10000)

  • Back Cover of Bag (297mm x 350mm)   EURO 1000 per 2000 bags (the total of bags, 6000)

   3)    The ad. information on the spot will be found on the Exhibitor Service 



  (6) Technical Seminar

  If you wish to introduce your product or your company through the seminar, we would 

  like to prepare the following for your seminar:

  • 50-100 meeting room;

  • One projection set

  • One microphone and sound box

  • 50-100 related visitors

  • 1 hour per seminar

  The service fee per seminar is EURO 1000 and will be floating in accordance with the 

  exhibitor’s concrete request. Before February 1, 2007 booking seminar will be accepted.



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