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China ’s wine market is gaining more and more attention with 15% growth rate annually in recent years. However, the wine still account very small proportion in Chinese alcoholic drinks market. On average Chinese consume only 1.2 liters per year (per person). In China , most of Chinese people considered wine as a luxury product. Only drink it for special occasions. Mostly, people drink distilled spirit and beer on the table. However, people also obtain the information from friends, TV, Internet or other medias that wine is very good for health, especially for the young and middles-class people in the big cities, they are willing to drink wine, not only for seeking health, but also to show their luxury taste. However, why the per capita wine consumption is still very low? There are many reasons that restrain their consuming wine, such as price, quality, habit and so on. Among those issues, price and quality are easier for wine companies to adjust.


It is very difficult for them to influence customers’ habit. Many wine companies realized this issue. Some of them held wine tasting party or banquet in luxury hotels, in order to introduce wine tasting knowledge and their wine. It is a very useful promotion activity. The only disadvantage is the scope of their influence is limited. The amount of involved people is small and the scope of people is also limited. Many middle-class and young people have few chances to attend those activities. 


Therefore, to meet the demand from both wine companies and customers, we decide to organize Wine Culture China 2007. It offers the best opportunity for wine companies to introduce their wine and wine culture, explain their features to the large amount of visitors. For visitors, it offer the best chance to directly touch many varieties of wines, taste it, feel it and learn more about wine knowledge and culture. Wine and food paring seminar will be held in this exhibition. After this seminar, people could drink wine to pair with their food. It is the best way to help customer forming the habit of drinking wine. For wine companies, there are also many activities for them to learn more about China ’s wine market. Such as Beijing Wine Market Touch Tour, China Wine Market Touch Tour, Besides Beijing, Shanghai , Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the other major wine consumption cities in China . The wine pricing structure, promotion activities and consumers’ ideas will give the brief graph of China ’s wine market. After understanding those four major cities’ wine market, wine company will be the prepared entrant for this market.


High-end customers also are the very important targeting customers for wine companies. Therefore, we will organize exhibitors to visit some wine cellars in central Beijing , understand the brand’s favorite for wine store and face to face talk with wine lovers in Beijing . Understand high-end customer’s real needs and ideas.

In Beijing surrounding regions, such as Shacheng, Changli and Yantai, which are the major vines planting areas in North China, we will organize exhibitors to visit those regions and have chance to talk with China’s wine industry professionals and understand China’s wine industry.


In a word, we will offer the full services to dedicate to wine market development in China , just because we love wine and real think wine is nectar from gods, it should benefit more and more people!





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