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  Vital activities -help you accomplish your aim


  In the limited time and space, The following activities with Oil China 2006 will be held, so 

   welcome you to participate in the following activities:

   For the detailed information on the above-mentioned activities, you click them or the left logos.


   The Purpose of Vital Activities

   Through participating in the above-mentioned activities, the following purpose will be


  • You quickly learn more about and feel the current situation and future prospect of China edible oil market;

  • You direct and efficiently communicate with and do business with China's importers, wholesalers, dealers and agents;

  • You may introduce your olive oil to purchasers and consumers that will personally taste your olive oil;

  • You may promote the image and renown of your company in the largest consumption country of olive oil;

  • Make more consumers understand the knowledge of edible oil, i.e., olive oil, camellia oil and so on;

  • The consumption of olive oil and the scale of China olive oil market will be extended.



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