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Welcome to participate in Wine Culture China 2007

2007 China International Exhibition of Wine & Wine Culture 

April 16th to 18th, 2007 Beijing

 Wine Culture China 2007



  Opportunity & Challenge


 China’s wine market as well as the current world market is free and 

  changing, and there are full of great opportunities and challenges for 

  wine producers and exporters.


  (1) Opportunities

  China’s having Successfully joined in WTO, which is having provided 

   more favorable business environment and is greatly depressed the 

   qualification of the entry to China’s wine market. The following will 

   help to develop the large and potential wine market in China:

  • The speedy development of China’s economy is continuing to keep 7%-10% of GDP;

  • the improvement of 1.3 billion people’ living level and Chinese people are becoming more and more conscious about the quality of living and the health of bodies;

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  (2) Challenges


  Although China wine industry has developed in recent yeas, through 

  the investigation and research we found that the amount of the wine  

 consumers increase slowly. The main reasons as follow:

  • The traditional drinking habits, i.e. drinking distilled spirit or beer, which are influencing Chinese people to learn about wine ;

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Opportunities like air covers the whole China,

but more challenges also are waiting for you.



   News froms Wine Culture China

  • Date: April 16th to 18th, 2007

  • Venue: China World Trade Center

  • Exhibitors: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, UK, USA, Brail, North Aferica, Japan, China

  • Visitors: China's importers, wholesalers, dealers, agents, cousumers and so on

  • Exhibits: Wine, Things and Articles relating with Wine Culture

  • Purpose: to widely spread wine culture, to achieve wine companies’ goals and expand China’s wine market

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