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2006 China International Olive Oil Competition 


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  • Date:  May 13th - 15th,  2006

  • Venue:  Beijing International Convention Center, China

  • Opening hours:  from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. each day

  • Exhibitors from:  Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Syria,  Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Argentina, Egypt, Israel, Peru, Lebanon, France, Mexico, USA , China and etc.

  • How to enterTrade visitors and consumers / free download the visitor's ticket  

  • The deadline to apply:  March 10th, 2006after application will be put on the waiting-list.

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The Wide Prospect of China’s Market

With China’s annual GDP increase of 7%-10% and with the continuous improvement of Chinese people’ living standard, Chinese people are becoming more and more conscious about the quality  of living and the health of bodies. This is especially true with edible oil which 1.3 billion people cannot live without in their daily life. Chinese people’s consumption concept of edible oil has also undergone a great change, from emphasizing hygienic and security standards to paying more attention to the nutrition value and health value of edible oil. Along with the stable development of China’s economy, a large-scaled middle class with sound purchasing power is emerging. They account for 22% of Chinese population and intensively need some health kinds of food as well as some top grade and health functional edible oil.




China will become the last and largest consumption  country

International Olive Oil Council forecasts that China will be the last and largest consumption  country in the world and the yearly  potential consumption population in China will reach over 30 millions people. According to the person’s consumption  of 1 kg olive oil, 30 millions people'demands are  also about 300,000 tons. Some international and domestic experts made the most conservative guess at China’s consumption of olive oil, which will reach over 100,000 ton in 2010. According to the above-mention info to calculate, in  China the planting area of olive oil will at least need 2 billion sqm, but currently China has only the planting area of o.2 billion sqm. So the visible and largest market is in China.



9600,000 sq. km. of China





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