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Future Import of Olive Oil in China


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Beijing 2008




 The Wide Prospect of China’s Market


  With China’s annual GDP increase of 7%-10% and with the continuous improvement of 

  Chinese people’ living standard, Chinese people are becoming more and more  

  conscious about the quality of living and the health of bodies. This ii especially true with 

  edible oil which 1.3 billion people cannot live without in their daily life. Chinese people’s 

  consumption concept of edible oil has also undergone a great change, from 

  emphasizing hygienic and security standards to paying more attention to the nutrition 

  value and health value of edible oil. Along with the stable development of China’s 

  economy, a large-scaled middle class with sound purchasing power is emerging. They 

  account for 22% of Chinese population and intensively need some health kinds of food 

  as well as some top grade and health functional edible oil.


 At present, soybean oil, corn oil, colza oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, 

  concoction oil and salad oil are the main types of edible oil in China’s market, but with 

  more people’s attention to the nutrition and health edible oil and the influence of 2003 

  SARS epidemic further enhancing people’s health awareness, in recent years some 

  special type and health functional edible oil are flooding in China’s market, for example, 

  olive oil, camellia oil, grape seed oil, safflower seed oil, nucleolus oil, almond oil, 

  pumpkin oil, garlic oil, key fruit oil, amaranth oil and so on. Of all the above edible oils, 

  the import of olive oil increases at rate of over 50% per year.


 In recent years the import of olive oil always keeps the increases of over 50% per year 

  in China. As this increase speed of import olive oil, until 2008 the import amount of 

  olive oil will reach 6000 tons and even more. Since 2006, China will entirely carry out 

  9% simplex tariff of import edible oil that WTO controls, and 2008 Beijing Olympic Game 

  and 2010 Shanghai World's Fair will attract thousands upon thousands tourist and 

  visitors, so all which will increase the demand for olive oil as geometric series. The 

  No.1.3 billions citizen was born on January 4th, 2005, and If each person purchases 0.5 

  kg olive oil per year, China will need 650,000 tons olive oil, so once Chinese people are 

  aware of the nutrition and health value of olive oil, China’s consumption of olive oil will 

  be surprise and immeasurable .


Expo 2010

Shanghai, China



 China Olive Oil Market


  Though China has the adaptable regions of olive growing in the west of China, but olive 

  in China can not be planted widely for the planting technology, olive seeds, environment 

  and many other reasons. At present the area of planting olive reaches 0.2 billion square 

  meter and those olives are young and little olives are in fructiferous and autumn, so 

  presently nearly 100% brands of olive oil in China’s market are from the Mediterranean 

  Sea, and in recent one and two years most of them have entered China’s market, 

  Therefore, there is still huge potential in China’s market. The success of Oil China 2005, 

  the active participation of some related associations and the organizers’ full 

  propagandas and preparation, all which will definitely stimulate consumers’ demand for 

  olive oil, China will become the most attractive and the largest market of edible oil and 

  olive oil in the world.  




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